We Are


Meet our creative team and some of their favourite things and what they love about working at Morgan Hodges.

We look forward to welcoming you to our salon.

“Salon and Sanctuary. These two words are interchangeable for us and illustrate our ambition to create an ambience to benefit every team member who works here and every guest who visits.

We want our team to feel valued and supported. For them to leave the salon having enjoyed their day, feeling proud of their accomplishments, and looking forward to the next.

We want our guests to feel pampered and nurtured. For them to be relaxed upon arrival, confident they are in expert care and feeling revitalised and gorgeous when they leave.

We want the best for everyone who walks through our doors.”

Greg & Natasha


A few of my favourite things:-

Mulberry handbags

Gucci and Prada

Pizza and pasta, ideally in Rome

Feeling at home while at work with my lovely Morgan Hodges family.


A few of my favourite things:-



Long summer days

The talent and professionalism of everyone on our team.


A few of my favourite things:-


New York.

The 50s.


Films: 500 days of summer.

I love working with such talented and inspiring people, and how the team is like a family.


A few of my favourite things:-

The 1970s

Brighton, particularly during summertime

The ‘Fast & Furious’ movies

The sense of reward I feel at the end of every single day.


A few of my favourite things:-

The beautiful cobbled streets and canals of Bruges.

A chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Paul Smith’s unmistakeable classic designs.

The joy of working in an environment that pulsates with vibrancy, friendliness and pure professionalism.


A few of my favourite things:-


RnB, Soul

Michael Kors, Links of London

Fun, Quirky, Professional. Achieving and widening my career within the team is my vision.


A few of my favourite things:-

London’s incomparable cool and diversity.

The creative genius of industry icon Eugene Souleiman.

Salt baked sea bass with a bottle of champagne.

Mia Farrow’s classically beautiful pixie cut.

The daily pleasure of working with Greg and MH’s team of relaxed, talented professionals.

Gracie (assistant)

A few of my favourite things:-




love the 50s

I love Morgan Hodges because the team is so kind and welcoming, also the salon has a great atmosphere.

Olivia (assistant)

A few of my favourite things:-

Being out and about and discovering new places.

The power of art and the creative process

Evenings at the cinema

The friendliness of my team members and all the positive support and training I receive.

Katie (assistant)

A few of my favourite things:-

Sydney, I used to live in Australia.

Socialising with good friends.

I love art and how diverse it can be.

I love working at Morgan Hodges because Greg and Natasha have been so welcoming, supportive and loving to all of us.